Monday, June 6, 2011

New Bed for Indian Elephant Quilt

Casey and i bought this patchwork quilt at a shop in India and it goes in our bedroom perfectly with the colors and elephant theme.  We have a collection of elephants on the dresser.  The quilt is pieced together from old antique jeweled dresses and is absolutely exquisite.

only thing is we didn't realize til we brought it home that it was absolutely filthy and those antique dresses had never been washed

i think it was being held together by loose stitching and mostly dirt

these pictures were taken before i washed it in the tub.  it took 6 rinsing to get it clean.  the water was black and full of sand.  So Indian~

of course  about half the stitching came apart so that is my evening meditation for awhile to stitch it back together.

i'm actually enjoying the handwork, it's so visually delightful and easy to sew.  We decided it's too fragile to keep on the bed so we'll hang it on the wall above the bed and will be a fabulous headboard.

In the meantime our old bed was giving me a back ache so sweet Casey splurged on a new beauty rest which is really super firm underneath a soft memory foam- it is heavenly.  I look forward to bedtime even more than I used to and anyone who knows me well knows how much I value my sleep.
I think this elephant quilt on my beauty rest bed has been giving me unusually vivid dreams.  I've been recording my dreams in a journal for 30 years and they have never been this fantastic- am loving it!
Sweet dreams everyone~

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