Wednesday, March 2, 2011

American Heart Association

lovely laurie, the good licensing agent, the one i'm keeping, scored a beautiful license for me this week with the american heart association for this image to be used as a card~

it's one i did in 1996 when i lived in the little lorane valley in oregon.
 here i am in santa barbara 15 years later and i'm still painting tulips- this is the beginning of a painting i started yesterday~ 

when i lived in oregon spring was my favorite season.  here it is fall but i still do love painting these tulips as a bright hopeful harbinger of spring.  

at any rate i am very pleased to have a work selected by the american heart association. they do such good deeds and are a promoter of all things dear to me- good health and a loving, happy heart.

lately, during my reveries, i've been smiling inside at my organs to let them (me) know we are loved and cared for.  i think this practice makes for good health.
i am now heading to the studio to add some fuschia colored anenomes to the tulips. a pair of yellow throats will be perched in the beautiful mix as well.  i will share the finished piece soon.

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