Monday, March 28, 2011

My Pride and Joy

last week my daughter hillary and her boyfriend scott were here for a few days over spring break~

you may have read about my son , stew, who is my hero in an earlier post.  well, this girl is my pride and joy.  hillary came out of the womb smiling, content and confident and aside from a few rebellious teenage years, she has been a totally delightful spirit in my life. (even the teenage years were somewhat interesting in their sheer drama and honest expression of feelings). she rolls with the punches, goes with the flow, and really stays in the present moment very much in her body.  the only issue i think she might have is that with all her gifts and talents it might be hard to settle on one path.  she's good at whatever she applies herself to. no matter, things have always come very easily to her and i'll tell you her little secret that i learned from her and continually practice- she FEELS her contentment and from that state of relaxed bodily gratitude, all good things are magnetized back to her. she doesn't stress or worry or fret.  she  has faith and trust in the universe and that confidence really pays off. the universe comes through for her every time, usually in shining colors.
scott is an example of how she magnetized greatness to her. he is equally delightful and a guy to be admired in many ways- kindness, intelligence, sociability are all strong gifts of his. oh and did i mention how responsible he is? (excellent job steve and lu) you can imagine how good it feels to know your daughter has such a wonderful boyfriend. everyone should be so lucky to have their kind of relationship- they really bring out the best in each other.  she had just given him this haircut the night before they arrived. i didn't realize how totally handsome he is!

 we had cold, rainy weather the whole time they were here but who cares when you're in love and as playful as these two.  we went to the museum of natural history~

they are very good at entertaining themselves together

 too cute~

another day we went to the sea center out on the wharf.  they both love animals and science~

i think this sunflower star was their favorite- cheerful like them

there were two intertwined kind of like they are~

they are so nurturing of one another~ don't you think all couples should exchange foot massages?

they support each other in their school work too.  i love that.  here they are getting next terms schedules in order so they'll be prepared when they get back.

 everything they do becomes a fun exchange. our dogs loved having them around because they are so much like playful puppies. here's our black lab, kosmo.  hillary has her own black lab, dart who is 7 days younger than kosmo. she's raised him as a puppy since she was 11 years old. scott has an adorable cat named augustine and he and dart are like best buds, they cuddle together like their owners.

 we went whale watching their last day here and followed two young juveniles, swimming and playing together, very much like these two magnificent human beings do so much of the time.  enjoy these whale shots hillary took~

they have really good, open communication~

and have mastered the art of relaxation together~

here they are watching dolphins from the hot tub.  when hillary was a little girl, the dolphin was her totem and she wanted to be a dolphin trainer when she grew up.  scott is a zoology major and wants to go into animal behavior. they really are two peas in a pod and their energy sparkled fairy dust all around while they were here, leaving a serene magic in the air that i am still savoring.  i am entirely blessed to be the mother of this girl and now i feel she and scott have been blessed with each other.  this makes me very happy indeed!
i can hardly wait to have them back and next time we will enjoy our more typical beautiful santa barbara weather.

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