Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Hero Stew

stew was here for a 4 day visit this week en route to his 2nd 6 week surfing adventure to New Zealand with friends~

he's right up there with georgie in how good i feel to be in his presence~

they both carry calm joy in their auras~

 we had a good time together because we enjoy the same things- outdoor activities like long beach walks-

 finding magical wonders in nature~

we went to yoga classes and lots of swims at the pool, sunset walk and hikes in the mountains~

we came across a sacred site on top of a mountain and meditated together with ganesha and got deep into our shared inner space~

all my important lessons i've learned from my son stew.  he's taught me courage and grace in the face of overwhelming adversity, unconditional love, kindness, compassion and acceptance toward self and others, and the power of being in this moment in this body. he has a rare purity of being that is contagious~

 i was sad to have him leave but fulfilled by our visit and happy for his free spirit flying high above this mundane world off into the yonders of another land~

love him so much!

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