Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Georgie- Muse Extrordinaire

meet georgie, my muse~

he  is the 3rd dog to serve in the role of muse in my painting career and he was made for this position~

i had sally and polly for 13 years each and i've had georgie for his 4 years on this planet.  he is my first boy muse~

 he definitely kisses me more than the girls did.  he lives up to his reputation- georgie porgie, puddin and pie, kissed the girls and made them cry~

the first time i met him at 6 weeks old he immediately kissed me and the deal was sealed~ he imprinted himself in my heart where the painting comes from

 my life would not be complete without his fun, loving playful energy always with me. especially in the studio where he holds the space~

 he really gets into the painting vibe and sets the tone for a deep meditation as a good muse should~

according to the mirriam-webster dictionary the definition of a muse is: 
a state of deep thought or dreamy meditation~

yup, that would be georgie.  here he is directly under my painting table doing just that~

 another session, another meditation~

i'm telling you, he really gets in to it~

 well, after a few hours he's ready to take a break and head down to the beach and i'm happy to join him.

isn't he prescious?

 every artist should be so blessed with a muse such as georgie~ pure love and bliss!

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