Friday, January 21, 2011

Home/Gallery/Studio Tour

welcome to my sacred space.  this is where most of the action takes place~

this ancient ganesha is the gate keeper- he removes obstacles and negativity to keep the energy positive~

our place is a mix of casey's asian antiques~

and my bold watercolors~

but i think it works beautifully, just like our relationship, we have a perfect balance of ying/yang energies~

and magical light from the ocean~

this is where casey sits to read and drink his evening cocktail~

while i cook up a healthy dinner. ocean is right out that window but too bright to see here~

this is my spot to read, journal, drink tea, gaze at the ocean, dream and of course cuddle with georgie.  he wanted to be in the pics but he's too sandy from the beach walk so he's hanging in the garage with kozmo~

a living room shot~

or two

i've been ussing my fabric designs as a tv cover~

and i like to change them around~  
i keep thinking i should market these somehow~

this is my office space for computer and paper work.  i've been spending more time here lately, probably too much~

this painting is huge- 40 x 60~

i found this inlay frame at a secong hand shop and created the painting for it~

same with this mask frame from eastern bali with african influence.  it's at the bottom of the staircase and very large~

going up the stairs~

and coming down, my klimt phase from 6 years ago.  love him!

this is my art studio table.  i am drying some paintings i mounted and am weighting them with books~  

i have all my goddess paintings here to keep me in good company~

and give me guidance~

the deities are all in here too~

keeping the higher vibrations alive~

view from studio balcony.  those are the channel islands~

i get fab sunsets from this balcony too.  it's where and when i like to meditate~

bedroom- you can tell i was just resting there after my bath~

birds of a feather~

i meant to show art supplies when we were in the studio~

casey's office with japenese dragon protecting him and my self-portrait with peacock (my animus) giving him love~

the sun rises here in the morning.  this truly is an enchanting space for me to live, be, create, rest, work, play and to me they all blend together in a very wholistic way.  hope you enjoyed a peek into my world.  namaste~

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