Wednesday, January 19, 2011

a daily walk to nourish the art soul

as an artsit who is continually painting it's important to replenish the source from which all that out pouring of creativity comes.  for me, a daily walk has fit the bill for 30 years.  it's a way to connect with nature while moving the body, delighting the senses and getting out of my head.  even though my house is right on the ocean, we are a on a cliff too steep to climb down to the beach which means a 3 block walk to the long steps down.  this makes it even better because i can take in all of the beautiful flowers in the neighbors yards.

there are also luscious fruits and cute dogs~

we get to descend a looong set of 220 stairs to get to the beach- so very poetic

that's casey with our 2 dogs.  he's my main man, my soul mate, my partner, my best friend, my rock           

ahhhhhh the ocean, the sand,  the waterthe sea life~

the water reminds me to be fluid and the salt air reminds me to breathe deep into my belly, exhaling away all tensions and worries.

 i delight in the patterned details of the sea's creations~

this is georgie and he likes visiting friends along the way~

the long climb back up the staairs gets our heart rates up and we return fulfilled and soothed and nourished from the greater source~

i give thanks each day for the beauty surrounding, enveloping me in it's profound glory.  i am puely a channel for the true artist which is our mother eARTh.
blessings to you for beauty in your life every day ~

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melissa said...

hi there, i found your blog through your fabric designs on spoonflower- i am blown away by your beautiful work! it makes me happy to see that you live a calm and blessed life in such a gorgeous place. all the best to you, and keep up your lovely work!