Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Art Show Friends

here we are back at the weekly santa barbara art show which is enveloped between the mountains.......

and the beautiful bay......

it's always a festive scene with colorful characters....

 this week i took a little break to snap some pics for you so you could meet some of my favorite artists there and see how we each bring our own energy and style to the people.  artists are a very giving breed.

 me, i bring plenty of good cheer.  i paint because it makes me feel better and the work seems to have the same effect on others.  this gives me great joy.

this is ana victorson (website coming soon) and she moved to the states from bolivia as a young girl and has had an amazing life. she's one of my best buddies here and she sells her matted original collage paintings like hot cakes.  she is always experimenting and trying new things.  she makes me laugh with her outrageous comments and we like to call in the angels together to give us a helping hand down there.  we also get chinese foot massages together.

this is chris pavlov and he does these sophisticated abstract landscape paintings and gets good money for them. he owns a gallery in the quaint denmark town of solvang on the other side of the mountains.  he's from yugoslavia and quite an entrepeneur.  he's always upbeat and positve.  i believe he has a masters in psychology- he's probably good at that too.

this is yin ping zheng, known down there as ping, and he does traditional chinese painting and calligraphy.  all the women are in love with this guy- he used to be an acrobat and has a body to prove it.

he paints all day for the people and is truly devoted.  he had just arrived back froma quick 5 day trip to china to visit his family the night before just to make it to the show this day.  he was dizzy and exhausted but still, he painted for the people-  he's amazing.

and is work is absolutely exquisite.

this is john grandfield with his beautiful, serene, elegant paintings of the land and ocean, who has been in the show forever and currently serves on the board for which we are all grateful. he is just as calm, gentle and humble and soothing as the ocean on a quiet day.  he captures outside what is within for him.  love his work and his presence.  he makes it so all is well in the world.     

here we have our fun, lyrical, witty mick lestrade who hails from france.  he has the most adorable french accent and talks about love, peace and harmony all the time.  as you can see he also provides lovely guitar music to the people strolling by.  the L.A. people just eat up his work and the young, asian girls love to flirt with this guy.  he is one of the most loving people you'll ever meet but he also has a really witty, political, social bent to his mind.  he lives in a dramatic house on the mountains and paints in a very passionate way and has recently published a powerful book of his images with intelligent commentary.

this was the sunset greeting me when i returned home from another wonderfully fulfilling day at the beach show.  you can see why i love it so being surrounded by the beautiful environment and truly gifted artists who make up that show.  there are others to introduce another time, many more....
i hope you will check out their websites yourselves to see more of their great art.
with love, erin

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mickyzenart said...

Hi Erin.
I wasn't sure about what you meant when you told me about your blog.
As always, you're doing a fantastic job. It's fun and great. Also thank you for the nice compliments.
Best of luck with all your endeavors.