Friday, May 20, 2011

A Portrait of India- part 8 Lake Kumarakom

We stayed at an exotic resort in the southern tropics where we swam, ate all our meals by the water and indulged in several ayurvedic body treatments for which this area is renown-
rose petals on the bed

this pool just outside our room weaves through the entire sprawling property!

good morning world~

another pool for laps with lake in background- water water everywhere!

canals  running through all over

houseboat for leisure time

we had evening entertainment

casey and i walked through the village jungle where people live in colorful houses and the community is very close and very friendly and very educated.  of course it was a holy day for them but it's always a holy day of some sort in India.  today they were honoring Krishna who is the God for many of these folks.  i connected with a special little 9 year old girl who invited me in to her house to meet her family and pray with her- she leads the  daily morning and evening prayers.  she was so intelligent and exquisite.  i told her so and she said "diligent too" i said " you are going to go places in the world and she said "yes, australia".  when i asked what she would do there she said "be a nurse". i truly believe she will fulfill her dream.  she is toward the end of these photos~ i actually felt such a connection with her i went back bearing simple gifts- her favorite was a pen and pad of paper.  these people are so grateful for the smallest of things and they take their leisurely time connecting with others- loved this way of being!

oh darn, everytime i try to load a second batch of photos it doesn't worl.  this post on southern kerala is turning into three.  will piblish this and post photos of village walk soon.

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