Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Portrait of India- part 4, - a country drive

From the elegant palace of the Taj Mahal we journeyed by bus through the arid farm land of Rhajastan to Jaipur in the central west of India.  We passed people farming the land along the way- people living in the same way that they have for thousands of years, people who have no incidence of bi-polar illness while in our industrialized nation it keeps growing along with our isolation, technology and separation from nature.  here are some scenes from that land-

brick baking

we stopped to visit a roadside sculptor studio-

when we got to Jaipur there were plenty of children waiting for my handouts-

the Indian man is Abi- our guide for this tour (of Tauck Tours).  he was the best and set such a great tone for the trip. His nickname is  Cha Cha which means kind uncle who takes care of everything- this he truly did!

here are s

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